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About our Company
Cabrio World is a distributor for many of the largest convertible top and car cover manufacturers in the world. We have been in the convertible top and car cover business for over 25 years and provide a high quality product that our customers require. All of the items we sell are made by the world's best manufacturers. We stand behind every product that we sell.

About the Products
All items for sale on this website are made to factory patterns, guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to be free from defects. We do such a high volume of sales that we are able to offer these products at incredibly low prices.

Why order from Cabrio World ?
Our reputation is the convertible top and car cover business speaks for itself. Our prices are great and we are willing to serve the customer. You know when you order from Cabrio World that you are receiving the best product for the best prices. We have researched what factories produce the tops and covers that fit. From this information, we are able to offer you a product that we know will fit and offer it to you at an incredibly low price. We guarantee the fit of the tops and covers we sell. We know the items we sell are the highest quality and a perfect fit because we deal with all the major manufacturers.

Ordering Procedure
Ordering from Cabrio World is very simple. Just select your car type and year. See what models are available for that year. Click on the products you want information on and place your order. Follow the shopping cart steps, and checkout with our secure & credit card safe server. We have items available for most makes and models. If you don't see the top or cover for your car here, please contact us at info@cabrioworld.com to see if we can make it. If you would like to see samples of any of the materials or colors before ordering, they are available on the web site. We can also mail you a physical sample of the color you are interested in, if it is required. Keep in mind that tops on Cabrioworld.com are available in the colors they were made in originally. If you see a color or material on the color sample page that you would rather have your top made from, contact us at info@cabrioworld.com and we will let you know if it is possible to make it.

Please note that all credit cards will be billed by "Cabrio World".

Before ordering, please read our return Terms page.

Thank you and enjoy shopping at Cabrio World.