Ragg Topp Vinyl Protectant

Price | $23.00

Protect Your Vinyl Top.
•Exclusively Formulated for Exterior Protection
•Contains No Silicone or Petroleum Distillates
•Unique Patented Formula Will Not Harm Automotive
& Truck Finishes, Chrome, Trim, Glass, Vinyl,
Rubber or Plastic Windows
•First and Only Vinyl Protectant to Use Ciba Tinuvin Ultraviolet (UV) Blocking Absorbers
•Repels the Growth of Mildew, Dust, Grease & Dirt
•Can Be Safely Used on Sport Utility Tops,CarBras, Truck/Tonneau Covers

Note this product is not associated with any
particular car model or year. It works on all
years, makes and models.

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